About us

Boudoir Photography, Plymouth Michigan

Welcome, I am truly honored you are here. Mia Boudoir is a luxury home based boudoir studio located in Plymouth Michigan. Mia Boudoir specializes in intimate boudoir photography for women with a style that is clean, simple and classy. Our mission is to provide you with an empowering boudoir experience, regardless of age or body type. Additionally, we pride ourselves in offering you an incredible opportunity to commission your own collection of quailty boudoir portraits. 

Empowering Boudoir Experience

Even though our sessions are designed to create a personal or romantic gift, we believe it's a gift for yourself. We are also committed to providing you an empowering boudoir experience that will leave you feeling confident. Furthermore, we want your photographs to touch your emotions and awaken your inner diva. Our goal is to get the perfect blend of sexy, romantic, and sensual images that best matches your personality and style. Our team of experts is dedicated to giving you a memorable boudoir experience you'll want to do again!

Ultimate Gift of Boudoir

Need a reason to book a boudoir photoshoot? While there are several obvious reasons; like getting married or celebrating a milestone birthday, most women do it for theselves. Whatever the occassion is, your images will be the ultimate gift for yourself and that special someone in your life. I know that together we will create a collection of gorgeous boudoir portraits you'll feel good about. 

Boudoir Package

All of our photoshoots include; natural lighting, posing assistance, professional hair and makeup, digital retouching, and a photo reveal appointment. Feeling a little nervous about booking? That's okay! You'll have plenty of time to relax before we start photographing. I have a dedicated space in my home I refer to as "the getting ready room." Additionally, we'll have music, champagne, and chocolate to help calm your nerves while our stylist does your hair and makeup. Our friendly staff and team of experts will guide you through ever step of the process because we don't want anything holding you back from having a thrilling experience with us.

I truly hope you like our story of passion, a story of creativity, and endless exciting moments. We are in love with what we do, and we always want to extend that love to you. We sincerely work to offer you the best customer service and satisfaction.

See you soon!