Holiday Boudoir

Holiday Boudoir

It’s been a while since I posted anything on the blog. I have been incredibly busy photographing beautiful women and editing images while participating in an online workshop and working full-time at the hospital. Add a seasonal virus and out of town company for two weeks in the mix and what you end up with is one tired busy photographer lol. But all is well now and I’m excited to share some of the stunning photographs that were captured during this summer’s model call. I’d like to thank everyone who participated and bravely volunteered, you all did an amazing job! Also, a special thanks to Stephanie, my new stylist, for providing all the women with hair and makeup…I couldn’t have done it without her. We are looking forward to a very busy holiday season as well, so if you haven’t booked your boudoir session yet, there’s still time! Christmas will be here before you know it along with all the hustle and bustle, so Book your holiday boudoir session early to guarantee delivery by Christmas.

Holiday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir SessionHoliday Boudoir Session


Sexy Boudoir Photoshoot

Sexy Boudoir


I can’t get enough of this gorgeous woman who came to my Detroit studio for a sexy boudoir photoshoot. She has the most amazing curves, yet it’s her eyes and confidence that draw you in. Sexy, sultry, smoke’n hot bombshell…just a few words that come to mind when looking at these beautiful boudoir portraits! Women tell me all the time how they need to loose a few pounds first before booking a session. Listen up ladies, love the skin your in and embrace who you are right now. Trust me, your perfect the way you are…if you don’t believe me, just take a look at Brittany’s images below…she killed it.




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Model Call

Model Call

The girl next door

When I first set out to become a professional photographer, I didn’t know where this journey would take me. These past few years have been fun, exciting, and frustrating at times as I pushed myself to grow in ways I never thought possible…always looking for a challenge in both my personal and professional life. Today, I am happy to announce I’ll be embarking on a new challenge in hopes of becoming the best photographer and creative artist that I can be. I have enrolled in a workshop that will teach me the art of emotion and the use of body language to evoke sensual and provocative images. I will learn how to be vulnerable with my client as I coach her into specific emotions in order to create more meaningful photographs.

Boudoir photography is more than an image of a beautiful woman in a sexy pose. It’s about capturing the inner essence of her beauty that evokes emotion, a feeling, and coveys certain body language that draws the viewer in…it’s powerful and intense!

This ten week long workshop will transform my business and how I photograph my clients. Some of the emotions I will be learning to coach for are; pleasure, joy, desire, coy/flirtation, seduction and vulnerability.

I am looking for women who want an experience that will change the way they look and feel about themselves. Forget what society and social media defines as beauty…I believe all women are beautiful. I want you to feel pampered while experiencing a growing sense of confidence like never before. Give yourself permission to let go of your inhibitions and embrace your inner diva!

Together we will have fun laughing at my bad jokes, smiling and being silly This is an opportunity to feel more beautiful, sexy, and confident…while looking HOT I’m not looking for professional models here, just the average woman…the girl next door…all shapes and sizes…no experience necessary There is no age limit, but you must be at least 21 years of age and be available on July 30th or August 23rd


Here’s how it works…

In exchange for full permission to share your images on my blog or other social media, or for marketing material to promote my business…

Here’s what you get…

Wardrobe styling and assistance for your body type

A welcome guide filled with session goodies…everything you need to know for your shoot

A full makeover with professional hair and makeup by a licensed stylist

An hour long boudoir session complete with posing expertise and emotive coaching at my Detroit studio loft

In person private viewing of your entire gallery of images where we can discuss options for image display

$150 print credit towards your favorite products

Total value $525


This is an awesome opportunity to experience a boudoir/glamour photoshoot with me at a deep discount. This package is valued at $525 and I’m giving it away for free!

If you would like to more information or are interested in being photographed, please call 734-335-8866 or contact me via email at

I can’t wait to hear from you,




Top 10 reasons to have boudoir portraits

Ever wonder why women have boudoir photos taken? Have you ever thought about doing it yourself but were to afraid? Here’s the top 10 reasons why more and more women are having boudoir portraits.

1.  Birthday. Most of the women who come into my studio to have a  boudoir portrait session are doing it for someone they love, whether single or married, it’s a surprise birthday gift.

2.  Anniversary. It doesn’t matter how many years you have been married, what man wouldn’t love a beautiful album filled with sexy pictures of the woman he married.

3.  Wedding. Getting married and celebrating the beginning of a lifetime together is so special. Here’s an awesome gift idea for the groom, send him one of your sexy pictures to his phone the morning of the wedding as a prelude to the amazing gift you have planned for him that night. He will be awaiting in anticipation all day

4.  Weight loss. Just lost 25 lbs…congratulations! No matter how much or how little weight you’ve lost, you look and feel amazing. All that hard work has paid off and now you want to document your success with sexy photos.

5.  Plastic surgery and other beauty enhancements. There’s no better time to commission your own set of boudoir portraits then after having a little nip n tuck, Botox injection or fillers. Your skin will be glowing and you will look radiant.

6.  Divorce. Going through a divorce can be devastating and emotionally draining. Get back your mojo and regain your confidence with a boudoir portrait session. It will empower you.

7.  Christmas. Fill his stocking with everything naughty and nice!

8.  Valentine’s Day. Celebrate the most romantic day of the year and give him something he really wants.

9.  Bachelorette Party. Throw the bride-to-be a boudoir bachelorette party. It’s a fun way to spend the day while getting glamorized and having your portraits taken. Everyone will be feeling gorgeous when you hit the night on the town.

10.  Just because. Women don’t need a reason to celebrate their beauty. Women want to feel sexy and desirable. What they don’t know is how empowered and confident they will feel after their session. It’s a gift every woman should give to themselves at least once in their lifetime.

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Boudoir Session with Betty

Boudoir Session

with Betty

“I decided to do this for my boyfriend for his birthday as something different and unexpected.  But, I also did it for myself!  I recently lost 30 pounds and people tell me how much they can tell, but when I look in the mirror, I don’t see a difference.  I was hoping by doing this, I would see what they see.  I was very nervous, but you made me feel comfortable, relaxed and it was a fun experience.  I would love to do it again after I lose these last 15 lbs.  I think every woman should do this at least once in their lives to see just how beautiful they really are.”  Wow, what a great lady I had the honor and privilege of photographing.  She shared her personal story with me about her life, personal struggles and the things she has over come.  She is a very brave and courageous woman.   Here are a few photos from her boudoir session.



There are a million reasons why women should have their own boudoir portrait session…What’s yours?

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