Empowering Women Through Boudoir Photography

How exactly does boudoir photography empower women?

Empowering women through boudoir photography is achieved by creating space that allows a woman the freedom to express herself without judgement or criticism of others. It's achieved by building trust between client and photographer, by letting go insecurities (or at least setting them aside), and by allowing one's self to be vulnerable. There is power and beauty in being vulnerable, because it opens the door for new experiences. The word empowered means; having the knowledge, confidence, means, and ability to do things or make decisions for one's self. 

Taking the fear out of boudoir photography

Have you ever felt paralyzed by fear?  Unable to make a decision? Perhaps you make decisions out of fear? Fear leaves you feeling powerless,  and is like quicksand; it prevents you from having new experiences. So, how do you move passed fear? Fear alone can be your worse enemy. Often times, what you "imagine" is worse than the actual experience you fear.  As a child, I was terrified of swimming. At first, putting my feet in the water terrified me.  I had to warm up to the idea of going all in lol.  I would hold on to anything or anyone as if my life depended on it (and it probably did), scared to death of letting go. But once I saw how much fun everyone else was having (except me), I decided to take a leap of faith, and I never looked back.

The gift of boudoir photography

Empowering women through boudoir photography is one of the best gift I can give my clients! To see her open up like a delicate flower; timid and shy at first, then becoming more and more confident throughout their boudoir experience is exciting for me.  Boudoir builds confidence, it's a simple fact. Our boudoir session begins with a glass of champagne and music, while our professional stylist applies makeup and styles  hair. We give our clients plenty of time to relax, settle in and get comfortable before the photo session begins.

Boudoir builds confidence!

An article of clothing or lingerie can make a women feel confident and self assured, or insecure and self conscious. One mistake women make when selecting wardrobe is not trying it on before their boudoir photoshoot. Ladies, LOVE the garments you bring to your session! I've created a lingerie guide that clients receive once they've booked their boudoir photoshoot. I have also written a few blog posts about wardrobe, you can read them here: Boudoir Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas, and Boudoir Lingerie Shopping Guide. Starting a Pinterest board for ideas and inspiration as well as Instagram to get inspired.

"The sexiest thing a woman can wear is a smile"

So many women feel insecure about posing when it comes to boudoir photography. One of the ways I empower my client is by demonstrating each pose first. I show my clients what each pose looks like, then it's their turn! When posing my clients, I pay particular attention to hands, feet, arms, legs, eyes, lips, lighting, wardrobe, etc.  Often times my clients will say "I don't know how to look sexy." Sexiness has more to do with confidence then anything else. I love this quote; "The sexiest thing a woman can wear is a smile." It's true! Check out this article I wrote: "BUT I DON'T KNOW HOW TO LOOK SEXY"

Boudoir testimonials

Lastly, I encourage you to read what our clients have to say about their boudoir photoshoot, and how empowered they felt after having a boudoir experience with us. Click here to read testimonials.

Images shared with her permission

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