Sexy Boudoir Photoshoot with Laci | letting go of insecurity

Deciding on where or not to having a boudoir session for yourself? Although, it sounds scary and your probably feeling nervous or insecure about your body, the truth is, not many of us are in the best of shape. Yet we see images like the ones below and say to ourselves...I'll never look that then decide right then and there a boudoir photoshoot isn't for you. We are all unique, yet have little problem areas that never seem to go away! We spend countless hours at the gym and eat a healthy diet in order to feel good about ourselves. While that can make a difference with our appearance and our self confidence (so long as we are wiling to keep up), the minute we stop, those little insecurities we have about ourselves come creeping back and we beat ourselves up! Now that I'm in my fifties I see where and how I have harmed my own self esteem trying to be perfect. The truth of the matter is...we will never be perfect. So, wherever you believe you are on the really doesn't matter. You will never feel free until you learn to love and accept yourself (flaws and all) for who you are at this moment. Remember, you are unique and special just as you are, so make a decision and just go for it.

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