Timeless Boudoir Photoshoot with Michelle

"Catherine is so friendly, nice, and non-judgmental; she made me feel VERY COMFORTABLE. Catherine even modeled the poses for me and provide feedback as we were going to ensure that I looked sexy and natural. She made me feel like a Victoria's Secret model! With Catherine's help, ANYONE can successfully complete a boudoir shoot."

"I am a 38 year-old mom of two, and while my body is not perfect, I feel great about myself and LOVE the way I look. My boudoir shoot has boosted my confidence even more...maybe a little too much! The best part of my boudoir experience is that I have GORGEOUS photos OF ME to keep forever. I find myself looking at them over and over; they bring me such joy! Every woman needs to do at least one boudoir shoot in her lifetime; she won't regret it!"

"A woman does not need a "perfect body" to feel sexy."