Boudoir testimonials | what clients are saying about their experience

We could try to convince you into having a boudoir session, but why take our word for it? Read what our amazing clients have to say about their boudoir photoshoot experience.

Loved every part of my experience


I loved every part of my experience from before the shoot with lots of communication on how to prepare for the day, to a warm welcome and a relaxed setting. Not having prior experience with the stylist made me nervous to put trust into someone I had not met, but the stylist blew my expectations out of the water and I loved my make up so much I would definitely book with her for future events. Without Catherine’s coaching on posing and facial expressions my photos would not have turned out as well as they did.

I had a shoot as a one year anniversary present for my husband, and decided on Mia Boudoir after seeing photos on Instagram. My album turned out fantastic and my husband absolutely loves it. If anyone is on the fence about a boudoir session, if you book with Mia Boudoir you will not regret it. Catherine is amazing and I trust her to the fullest.


Was a very warm and welcoming atmosphere that eased my concerns/nervousness about the whole process.

Definite confidence booster. Just what I was looking for and and reason I did it. For me!


This was my second boudoir, but first with Catherine so I knew a little of what to expect but the shoot and reveal were completely different. I was comfortable from start to finish and the images are amazing. Highly recommend booking if you need a pick me up in your personal life. The self experience is well worth it. Invest in yourself.

Absolutely Incredible!!!


I had an absolute amazing experience with Catherine, and her work. I was super nervous leading up to it, as I have NEVER even thought about doing something like this before. I knew I wanted something special for my now husband on our wedding night and Catherine was the one that gave me exactly what I envisioned. She made me feel completely comfortable and welcome, as did Stephanie (hair and make-up). After the first 15 minutes or so, all the nerves wore off and I felt excited and confident. I was worried that the photos would look bad, that I wasn't skinny enough, that I just wasn't sexy, my face couldn't be "sexy," etc. Catherine's guidance and expertise in posing is why my photos turned out the way that they did! She was a pro. She was also very detail oriented (which I totally appreciated). For example, if my necklace wasn't centered, she would stop taking pictures and center it and then re-start where we left off! If you are thinking about doing a session, do it, not only for your special someone, but for YOURSELF! I walked out feeling totally confident and like a new woman! I also would love to do it again! Catherine exceeded my expectations completely, and I LOVE my does my husband 🙂

Excellent and Professional

Jack Graham

Catherine was excellent and professional throughout the entire process. I did not think I was photogenic until I had these pictures taken. I am a male, and had different styles of pictures taken than she often focuses in. She was able to cover a wide array of styles within a short time, and did not rush me at all during the process. These are the best photos I have. She is extremely committed to her work, sociable, and talented. I would strongly suggest her to a friend.


Catherine made me feel very confident. I felt beautiful and my self-esteem was high. It was the best gift my husband ever received!

I loved the experience


I loved the experience! The studio was clean, spacious, and the lighting was phenomenal. I feel like the photos captured my natural beauty. I felt extremely comfortable and seeing the photos gave me a confidence boost looking and feeling my best.

I came with my own hair and makeup because I wanted to feel like my natural self. It turned out great. If you are doing your own hair and makeup I suggest starting off more natural and changing the blush/lip colors during the shoot to have variety. Catherine helped me pose in ways that flattered my figure. She made it simple to take direction and was very accommodating. Posing in lingerie can be intimidating but it was very easy working with another woman in a studio. I will definitely be back. I am 100% satisfied. All of my family and friends love the photos including me! This was my best shoot to date!

If you are thinking about having a boudoir session, just GO for it! It was so much fun and it was a great memory to look back on. I don’t get a chance to dress up much with school and work so I felt great about myself after shooting. Catherine makes you feel comfortable and gives great direction. Us ladies deserve to treat ourselves!

I Truly Felt Like A Million Bucks


My husband turned 40 this year! I couldn't decide what to get him, then I came across Mia Boudoir and though what a perfect gift this would be for him. When I arrived at my appointment and met Catherine, I immediately felt this was going to be a great experience; she was so sweet and very welcoming. During my photo shoot, she made me feel so relaxed by her wonderful personality; she is meant to do boudoir photos. My album turned out amazing and I couldn't be happier, or should I say my husband couldn't be happier. I can't wait to do it again.

Catherine made me feel so comfortable and beautiful


I think that it is something that every woman should do. It was an amazing experience from start to finish. Very professional set up. The pictures turned out so much better than I had imagined that they would.. My husband loved them.

Great Experience


Catherine made me feel very comfortable, her energy and guidance made this experience easy. I loved the welcome guide, it helped me prepare for my shoot, and my pictures turned out beautiful.

OMG I look like a Victoria Secret Angel


Catherine is the absolute best. The experience far exceeded my expectations and is not something that you can fully understand until it happens. It is hard for women to truly see themselves without our most critical biases. This was an experience that seems to lift that veil, if not even for just a few hours. If you are considering a shoot, do not hesitate for a minute. Do this for you or him or her or whoever just do it.

Catherine is a lovely soul with a gift if capturing the part of you to embellish!


Booking my photo session was a great experience and a wonderful investment in myself and my marriage. My husband and I appreciate the eye she has. Catherine is such a kind and giving person. I will enjoy our new found friendship and other sessions.

It was a wonderful experience!


It is a wonderful experience and something I would recommend to anyone. Don’t do it for a partner or man, do it for yourself. I did it originally for my husband but realized it was more for myself than him. I felt beautiful!


The best investment one can make is on themselves. I was skeptical about stepping out of my comfort zone but this was an amazing experience that I would do again and again! Catherine made me feel very comfortable and highlighted my body in ways I didn’t know was possible!!

Amazing Experience


It was an amazing experience. Catherine made me feel very comfortable. It was almost like we had been friends for years. I can’t wait to have another session with her.

Top Quaility


Catherine went above beyond for me at my shoot and even AFTER my session, especially during the editing process. Catherine shot a variety of poses---lying across the bed all sexy, standing up caressing myself, displaying my bountiful booty to the camera--- in a variety of rooms of her home studio. She spent a GREAT DEAL of time with me, ensuring that she captured some AMAZING images. When it came to editing, she carefully listened to the types of poses that I liked and meticulously went through the images to find shots that I would LOVE. Brittney, my stylist, used feedback provided on a pre-shoot survey to create my look; she made sure my hair had volume along with the big loose curls that I love. My makeup also looked flawless. I felt very hot and couldn't stop ogling myself in the mirror.

Catherine is so friendly, nice, and non-judgmental; she made me feel VERY COMFORTABLE. Catherine even modeled the poses for me and would provide feedback as we were going to ensure that I looked sexy and natural. She made me feel like a Victoria's Secret model! With Catherine's help, ANYONE can successfully complete a boudoir shoot. I did a boudoir shoot to CELEBRATE ME! I am a 38 year-old mom of two, and while my body is not perfect, I feel great about myself and LOVE the way I look. My boudoir shoot has boosted my confidence even more...maybe a little too much! The best part of my boudoir experience is that I have GORGEOUS photos---OF ME!--- to keep forever. I find myself looking at them over and over; they bring me such joy! Every woman needs to do at least one boudoir shoot in her lifetime; she won't regret it!

Mia Boudoir products are not only TOP QUALITY but reasonably priced as well. You definitely get your money's worth PLUS some at Mia Boudoir. But, even if Catherine was the most expensive boudoir photographer around (don't worry; she's not!), SHE'S WORTH EVERY PENNY!

Ladies, stop wasting time and BOOK YOUR SHOOT WITH CATHERINE AT MIA BOUDOIR! A woman does not need a "perfect body" to feel sexy; for one thing, sexiness comes from within. Secondly, after hair, makeup, and Catherine's posing help, there's no way a woman would not be feeling AMAZING about herself! The only regret a woman would have about boudoir photos is not booking them sooner!

My Expectations Were Blown Away!


Please consider that all boudoir sessions are not all created equal! If you would like to schedule a boudoir session (which I whole-heartedly support!) I would encourage you to dive all the way in, and do it right. I am a professional photographer and can say with confidence that Mia Boudoir has a style and editing skills that are far beyond her peers in SE Michigan. She puts so much thought behind creating an album that is even better than you imagined. If you only end up doing this once, do it with no regrets - buy the outfit, believe in yourself, and choose Mia Boudoir!

It was a natural high going though the experience


This was a Birthday present to myself. I did talk myself out of it a couple times and I’m the end I decided to invest in myself. The experience was more than I expected and I never felt more beautiful. My pictures were Sexy, Confident, Beautiful and Gorgeous. Thank you for your patience and hospitality. You are truly gifted.


I appreciate how much guidance Catherine gave me from start to finish, especially when it came to what I should do with my hands! I felt awkward with the poses of course, but was always comfortable with her (and the champagne helped too, of course). Because the session was scheduled right around lunch time, I wish I would have brought some snacks! The stylist was very sweet and friendly, but I don't think my hair or makeup came out like I had envisioned.

The Best Gift Ever


I was extremely nervous going into the session! After it was done, I was so happy I went through with it. Catherine made me feel so comfortable and I had TONS of images (I was expecting maybe a few) to choose from for my album. This experience has definitely made me feel more confident. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that my fiancé won’t stop commenting on how the album was the best Christmas present I ever gave him! 😉

I feel more confident and sexy, like I did in my twenties


Highly recommend that women take the time to do this and reclaim themselves. We are all beautiful. Do yourself a favor and see yourself in other peoples eyes.

I'm Addicted


Having a Mia Boudoir experience is a must for any woman. It can augment your sense of self-love and is definitely a self-esteem builder. Working with Catherine was such a pleasant experience. I highly encourage other women and couples, regardless of your own insecurities, to explore this activity. Catherine's professionalism was evident throughout the process. She was patient and willing to allow me to make as many revisions until I was happy with my final selection. The finished product from my shoot were amazing! I have have shared my pics with others and they were astonished.

As a middle aged women, I really didn't believe that I could look that good on print after having 3 children (now 9, 11, 19 years of age) and gaining weight over the past 1 year due to inactivity. Catherine, really has an eye for the details and understands how to use lightening and positioning to bring out the individuality of each person in her work. I am soo happy that someone referred me to her. You WILL NOT be disappointed. This is once activity to check off the "Bucket List! I would definitely do a shoot again - Next time with a partner! 🙂

Catherine was great!


She made me feel very comfortable. I was nervous and she put me at ease. She was very professional. The whole experience was very well done and I loved the welcome guide she provided.

Luxurious Experience


My photo shoot with Mia Boudoir was very relaxing and I had a luxurious experience. At first I was nervous and didn't know what to expect, but Catherine put me at ease right from the start. She was very patient and helpful with posing and guided me through each pose. Catherine is very specific on directing things like what to do with your hands, where to look and facial expressions. Her expertise was greatly appreciated.

After my session, I couldn't believe how fast Catherine finished editing my photos. She really highly prioritized my shoot and made me feel special.

Please don't hesitate because you think your body isn't perfect or you think a female will be judgmental. Catherine posed and edited my photos in a way that made me look AMAZING. I never had an experience like this before and doubt you'll ever meet such a photographer as Catherine.

The session was lovely


I’d absolutely recommend going to Mia Boudoir! She knows how to pose you and is positive throughout the shoot! This was truly the perfect experience for going to my first shoot! Hair and makeup on site made it easy and having all the prep materials was amazing and made me feel like I could prepare wonderfully for my shoot.

The whole experience exceeded my expectations! It made feel so very sexy.


40's is the new 30's! I wanted to do something different to embrace, stepping into my 40's! With the pandemic and everything we're facing in the world, I chose something more personal and partying for me. Feeling sexy & sophisticated was what I was going for and that's exactly what I got! Going into this new chapter of my life.....owning it!!!


I absolutely loved my experience with Mia Boudoir! I felt very comfortable around Catherine and she made it lots of fun and got some great shots. The pictures turned out amazing and I can't wait to share them with my spouse for our anniversary.


As a first timer, Catherine was very easy to talk to and she made me feel super comfortable!

Thank You For The Luxury Experience


As soon as I walked in I felt relaxed and I can't believe how quickly you edited so many images for me!! I didn't even know I could look like this in pictures. I'm so glad I got to wear my Liz Lisa dress. Thank you for the luxury experience Mia Boudoir.

Exceeded My Expectations!


Before my session I was a bit nervous but within minutes felt extremely conformable and excited. I came into this experience for several reasons, one being a beautiful photo shoot for my husband and two a memory for me on just how beautiful my body is. Catherine made both come true and I am extremely happy with the experience and results. Everything was very professional and the studio is very welcoming. I would strongly recommend Mia Boudoir for your personal experience and I promise you will not be disappointed.

Just Do It


I was shocked by how comfortable I felt once everything got started. I built up this scary, vulnerable, nerve-wracking experience in my head over the months leading up to it, and the reality was so different. I'll admit, the first 5-10 minutes, I was nervous, but due to my own insecurities, not because of the experience itself. Catherine was laid back but very professional, confident in her abilities to make this experience one to remember, and her level of comfort and ease really helped me relax. After the initial jitters wore off, I had a lot more fun and was more willing to just dive in. I honestly forgot that I was walking around in lingerie. The entire session felt natural and relaxing.

I left the session feeling empowered, sexy, and confident. I called my girlfriends on the way home and told them to book an appointment, like, yesterday! This was something that I set up as a gift for my husband, but I took so much more away from it than I ever expected. the majority of my days are wrapped around my kids, work, school, and housework. It is easy to forget that you are sexy and desirable. This session helped give me back a piece of myself that I thought I had lost throughout the years.

Catherine is amazingly talented and so effortlessly showcases how beautiful you are. After finishing my session, I truly believe that this is something that every woman in the world should experience at least once in their life.