Prepping For Your Boudoir Session

Prepping for your boudoir session and being prepared is essential to having the best possible boudoir experience. We want you looking and feeling your best the day of your shoot, not all stressed out or worried. Therefore, we've put together a list of things we feel are important to help you prepare for your boudoir session. These are only suggestion based on 10 years of experience!

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Boudoir Preparation Guide


TANNING: We recommend that you avoid tanning all together. If you must, we recommend that you abstain for one week prior to your boudoir session. Tanning dries out the skin, creates uneven skin tones, while some areas that are left completely untanned. If you are worried about your pale skin, please trust me on this...pale skin always photography beautifully. Look through magazines or at fine art portraiture, you will see very natural looking skin tones. Besides, it's always possible to add warm tones in the editing process. So don't worry about looking too pale.

SPRAY TANNING AND LOTIONS: Ugh, our least favorite tanning method! Please avoid!! This is the most unnatural looking skin tone. Your skin will take on an orange appearance and is not flattering. Furthermore, tanning lotion tends absorb unevenly making some areas appear darker or lighter, especially around hands and feet.

SUN BATHING: Avoid being out in the sun for at least a week prior to your session. Sun bathing is more likely to turn your skin red, especially your face and chest, while the rest of you may tan. Sun bathing dries out your skin and if you burn, it might peel. Lastly, sun bathing leaves tanning lines that are extremely hard to correct even with editing. Please use sunscreen or avoid the sun all together.

Below is an example of a client who tans, notice the buttocks where some skin didn't get tanned and how unnatural the skin color looks.

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Preparing For A Boudoir Session

WAXING AND SHAVING: When it comes to waxing, be sure you give your skin 3-5 days to heal before your boudoir session. Your skin is likely to be red or irritated and will need a few days to "rest." As far as shaving goes, best to shave the night before for the same reasons. Be sure to use a new blade for the closest shave possible.

EXFOLIATING: This can be done the night before or the day of you session. Exfoliating removes dead cells (dullness) from the surface of your skin and leaves it more radiant and youthful. We recommend using a sugar scrub. Salt scrubs can dry out the skin and cause irritation to newly shaved areas.

MOISTURIZING: Find and use a good moisturizer for your skin, preferably one without paraffins and use it daily. Don't forget to moisturize the bottoms of your feet! Apply immediately after a shower or bath to seal in that moisture. Avoid baby oil, it's made from crude oil and has no healing properties to nourish and hydrate your skin. 

HYDRATION: Staying hydrated will go a long way in keeping your skin looking it's best. Set a goal for yourself, drink 64oz of water per day starting 1 week prior to your boudoir session.

AVOID ALCOHOL: Alcohol dehydrates and depletes the skin of essential nutrients, leaving it dull looking. Heavy alcohol consumption should be avoided the night before your session without a doubt. No hangovers here!

Notice the difference!! This model has pale skin, no redness, tan lines, or orange skin. Just radiant glowing skin.

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Preparation Is In The Details

MANI & PEDI: You will want your hands and feet to look their best as well. We strongly recommend treating yourself to a manicure and pedicure a day or so before your session. When choosing colors, stick to neutral or get a french manicure. You don't want your nails to be the first thing you see in a photograph, distracting the viewer's eye! Having your nails manicured makes your photographs look "polished." Lol, play on words. Be sure your polish isn't chipping off, it's nearly impossible and very time consuming to try and fix in photoshop.

JEWELRY: Have your jewelry cleaned prior to your session, you want them to sparkle! We don't recommend wearing a ton of jewelry, keep in simple and classy. This includes; earrings and necklaces. Unless you have a statement piece and want to really showcase it.

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Putting Your Best Face Forward

FACIALS: Facials are great, but avoid getting one too close to your session. If you've never had one, this isn't the time to experiment; facials can cause your skin to breakout. Avoid buying new face products too close to your session. Use gentle cleansers that won't cause dryness or irritation. Moisturize daily to keep your skin looking youthful. Exfoliate your face a few days before your session, we love Bobby Brown's Buffing Grains for face. If you want to mask, we recommend using rose clay. Rose clay is very gentle, good for all skin types (especially mature, aging skin). It will leave your skin feeling soft and hydrated without causing irritation. 

BROWS: If waxing your brows do so about a week before your session to allow time for the skin to heal. Threading is an alternative to waxing  and is more gentle on the skin. Manicured eye brows always look best.

LIPS: Keep those lips hydrated by drinking plenty of water! Sugar lip scrubs are also good for removing dead skin from your lips while providing moisturizing properties. Again, look for products made without paraffins. Use a good lip balm to keep those lips hydrated and protected from the elements.

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These are just a few things you can do to prep for your boudoir session and feel more confident. After you book your session, we will send you our detailed prep guide which goes into more details. When you are ready to book, simply fill out our contact form to receive pricing information and view our availability.