Best 40th Birthday Gift Ever To Myself | Mia Boudoir

"40's is the new 30's! I wanted to do something different to embrace stepping into my 40's! With the pandemic and everything we're facing in the world, I chose something more personal and partying for me. Feeling sexy & sophisticated was what I was going for and that's exactly what I got! The whole experience exceeded my expectations! It made feel so very sexy. Going into this new chapter of my life...owning it!!!

Shared with her permission

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Boudoir Lingerie Shopping Guide Tips

When shopping for lingerie for your boudoir photoshoot, there are a few things you should keep in mind. The most important thing is how the lingerie makes you feel when you try it on. It should look great on you, flatter your body, and make you feel amazing 😉 Do you feel sexy and confident in it? If so, then you've made a fantastic choice!

Another thing to consider when shopping for boudoir lingerie is how it fits and moves when you change positions, such as lying on your back. Are there any gaps between your body and the fabric, especially around the breast area? Padded bras may look good when you're standing, but they may not be the best option when you're lying down. Therefore, padded bras are not my top choice when selecting boudoir lingerie for your photoshoot. Look for something that moves with your body while still providing support. You'll need to try it on to see if it works for you.

Another important tip is to choose 3-4 outfits that are different from each other but still look amazing when worn together, just like the images shown below. Finally, when selecting wardrobe pieces for your boudoir photoshoot, it's best to stick to a color theme. Start with one color and then add neutral colors to complete your look. Neutral colors include black, white, ivory, tan, cream, and gray. By mostly sticking to neutral colors with a splash of another color, your boudoir photo album will look absolutely stunning!

I understand that many women dislike shopping for lingerie, just as they may dislike shopping for a new bathing suit. That's why I've created a shopping guide that specifically focuses on lingerie. In this guide, I provide more detailed information. Once you've scheduled a session with me, you'll receive my complimentary lingerie shopping guide. To browse the selected looks below, click on the images to be taken directly to the website. You might also find it interesting to read an article I wrote on what to expect after booking your boudoir session?


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Receive A Free Luxury Gift With Boudoir Photo Shoot

It's Mia Boudoir's birthday and we are celebrating by giving away this luxury gift of handmade bath and beauty products valued at $100! This decorative box contains four bath bombs, a sugar scrub, body butter, lip scrub, lip balm, and a sold lotion bar, handmade my Mia Bella! To get this offer, you must book your boudoir photo shoot before May 1, 2021 and use the promotional code CELEBRATE. To request our pricing and product guide, view our online schedule for availability and book a session, please fill out our contact form here.

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Boudoir Photoshoot Wardrobe Ideas

Shopping for lingerie and looking for wardrobe ideas for your boudoir photoshoot doesn't have to be hard or fact, it can be fun!  I want to share some thoughts and ideas to keep in mind when planning boudoir wardrobe outfits. It a good idea to bring four complete outfits including shoes with you, and accessories if you desire. When selecting your wardrobe think about how they will look together as a set. Do the colors clash or compliment one another? Is there variety? Bringing four black bras and panties doesn't create variety. I recommend bringing no more than two black outfits that are completely different. For example, you can have a sexy black bra and panty set, and a sultry black bodysuit. I don't recommend all of your lingerie pieces to be bold, bright, or too colorful. It's ok to have one piece that stands out, however, you don't want the pieces competing against each other. Sticking to a neutral color palate is best, and adding one piece with color for a little extra something would be a better choice. 

A note on bras. While padded bras look great underneath your clothes, they are not a good choice when it comes to boudoir wardrobe. The problem is when laying on your back, breasts will slide into armpits and flatten out. What you're left with is a gap between the padded bar and your skin. You're are better off choosing a bra the clings and moves with your body, thus avoiding unnecessary gaps! Below are two bras that would accomplish this goal.

Next, let's talk bodysuits! Sometimes referred to as teddies. This is a great choice if you are trying to hide the middle section. Many woman are self conscious about this area, especially after having babies. If you have large breasts or natural breast that have lost their youthful bounce, I would recommend a bodysuit with an underwire that will offer support. Small breasted and women with implants can get away without an underwire. 

Once you become a boudoir client of mine, you will receive a special lingerie guide that only clients have access to to help you select the best lingerie for your body type. If you are interested in booking your own boudoir session, please follow this link.

Shop the look, click on images!

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Sultry Black Bra and Panty

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Sexy Black Bodysuit

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Matching Bra and Panty Set

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Lacey Ivory Bodysuit