What is boudoir photography anyway

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When I tell people that I’m a boudoir photographer; I often get asked: “what is boudoir photography.”  The short answer goes something like this… “I shoot women in sexy lingerie,” which usually gets their attention and peaks curiosity. Boudoir photography isn’t new to the photography industry. You may recall “Glamour Shots” in the 80’s and 90’s, if you’re old enough to remember. It was very popular and widely accepted. They had studios in malls around the country where women would receive a makeover and had their portrait taken.

Today’s concept of boudoir has expanded beyond the 80’s glamour “makeover” and pretty pictures. Women have become more sophisticated and so too has boudoir photography. Today’s boudoir photography empowers women to face their fears and insecurities while challenging the negative programing they’ve been conditioned to believe and accept about themselves.

When individual uniqueness is embraced, we discover that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and no one is perfect. Whether you’re a size 2 or 22, there is beauty in all of us. When you experience a boudoir photo shoot you’ll discover that others don’t see you the way you see yourself. We are often too hard on ourselves.  As a boudoir photographer, it is my job to find the women’s most beautiful attributes and accentuate them.

What I really love about boudoir photography is the feeling I get watching my clients light up with confidence and say, “I can’t believe that’s “me” when I show them the back of my camera! What happens during a boudoir photo shoot is truly magical. We hold space that is void of criticism and judgment and allow enough time to let go of fear and inhibitions. What I love most is the fun we have together by not taking ourselves too seriously.

What is boudoir photography, boudoir photo shoot, boudoir photographySo, what is boudoir photography? It’s the art of sensual imagery that empowers women to embrace their unique beauty, and the courage to face their fears while building self-esteem and self-confidence. Boudoir photography offers  women the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and try something new. It’s the gift we give to a loved one and the best gift we can give ourselves.

Boudoir photography is changing the way women see and feel about themselves. It is not meant to objectify or degrade women, for there is nothing shameful about sensuality or the desire to express it. A famous artist once said, “There is nothing more beautiful than the female form.” Boudoir photography celebrates the beauty of all women!

If you would like to schedule a boudoir photo shoot or would like more information, simply fill out the contact form and I’ll get back to you soon!



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Boudoir Photoshoot how to prepare for it

“I’ve booked my boudoir session, now what?” “How do I prepare, what should I bring?” These are a few questions you might be thinking once you’ve book your boudoir photoshoot. This article “How to prepare for your boudoir photoshoot” will help guide you through the preparation process to ensure no details are left out for a successful boudoir photoshoot. Preparing for your boudoir session is exciting, shopping for new lingerie, shoes and accessories we often over look important details that go into making your boudoir experience the best it can be.

My job as your photographer is to educate and help guide you through every step. Most clients are focused on what to wear and bring often over looking the small details that make an important difference. Here are some suggestions to keep in mind as you prepare for your boudoir photoshoot. Remember…the more you put into the preparing for your session, the happier you’ll be with your images and ensure a successful boudoir photoshoot.

  • Remove garment tags from outfits. Oh those pesky little tags…no matter how we hide them underneath garments, they just seem to reappear. Although a detailed oriented person I am, I do my best to lookout for such things, however it never fails…I nailed a shot only to find tags in post production.
  • Iron and press out wrinkles from garments, then put on hangers to avoid getting wrinkled again.
  • Chipped nail polish never looks good. Get your manicure a day or two in advance.
  • Don’t experiment with hair color before your shoot but do get your roots touched up for dyed/color treated hair.
  • Avoid the sun a week before your session. Trust me, you do not want red skin or uneven skin tone. Women think tan skin looks better…although true generally speaking, they same rule does not apply for photography. Pale, milky skin looks best…trust me!!! Adding warmth to skin tone in postproduction is simple.
  • Avoid spray tanning. Orange skin looks unnatural and artificial in photographs.
  • Please bring one or two pairs of “new” shoes to your session…not ones you’ve worn for years and are broken in. I love to photograph shoes! They should have clean bottoms! Be sure they look good with your outfits. They don’t have to be comfortable, you will not be walking around in them.
  • Bring a variety of colored garments, black is great, yet sometimes we overlook a splash of color. I think one sexy black outfit is plenty. What colors goes with your skin tone? My personal favorites are ivory, pink, blue, purple and olive! Whats yours?
  • Be sure and your outfits on beforehand. Feeling comfortable and confident in what you’ll be wearing is important.
  •  Supportive lingerie for busty women is something to keep in mind. Poses where you’ll be lying on your back will flatten your chest. A good supportive bra under your garment provides a nice lift.
  • Bring a variety of outfits. Here are some examples: One or two matching bra and pantie sets. A garter belt looks great too with or without stockings. One or two bodysuits in different colors. Bodysuits a flattering on everyone and hide problematic areas. Robes and coverups, or a baggy sweater.
  • Please no razor stubble if possible.

Once your session is booked, you will receive my welcome guide filled with little goodies like this to help you prepare for a successful boudoir photoshoot and guide through the entire process. Tips on places to shop for lingerie, please refer to my welcome guide. For inspiration, check out my Pinterest boards, or start our own. To book a session with me or to learn more, please click here.


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Boudoir Mini Sessions | Plymouth Michigan

Kick off your summer with this amazing offer! Boudoir Mini Sessions for just $200. This is a one day event, June 25th! Session are 30 minutes each and include 10 digital images!!! Book NOW only 5 spots available.boudoir mini session, detroit photographer, boudoir photography, detroit boudoir, plymouth Michigan boudoir



Couples Boudoir

Couples that play together, stay together

Today’s couple shoot was simply amazing! We were able to capture a variety of images in different settings, each set has it’s own unique personality and feel. My personal favorite is the red velvet antique sofa, it’s super sexy with a touch of Fifty Shades of Gray…perfect back drop for a couples boudoir photo shoot. Here’s what Mr. T had to say about his experience…

“I had an absolute blast at the photo shoot today. You made everything very comfortable for a first timer, and your instructions on how to position myself and use body language for the perfect shot were fun and easy to understand. I also loved the diversity of the different settings (especially the antique couch). My girlfriend and I are looking forward to the final prints, and I will definitely be sending referrals your way!” 




I love the simplicity of this boudoir session! No fancy lingerie or big studio production…just white sheets, a towel and robe. Here are some of my favorite images from Brittany’s photo shoot that took place at the Marriott Hotel in downtown Detroit. Brittany is a very talented model who I love and enjoy working with very much. Whenever Brittany and I collaborate on a conceptual project something magical always happens and I’m left feeling inspired. If you have been thinking about booking a session for yourself and haven’t yet…don’t wait! I can only image what my clients feel like on the other end of the camera when it fills me with so much joy. What are you waiting for? If you would like to receive exclusive offers, please subscribe to our mailing list.